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Guide to Baba+Boo Nappies

These nappies are gaining popularity as the popper system allows them to grow with your baby, making them more economical. Quick and easy to put on, very much like a disposable so if your child goes to a childminder/nursery, it is not hard for the carers to adapt! Soft fleece/suede inner is kinder to baby’s skin and reduces the chance of your baby getting nappy rash. Following these tips and guides below will help your nappies last and perform at their best.

Washing Instructions

Get the most out of your MCNs

  • Wash 3 times before use as this helps absorbency…..But if you can’t wait to use your nappies straight away than you can also soak the inserts (not the outer shells) in plain warm water overnight before giving them a quick wash.  They will gain absorbency over time.
  • Remove the nappy and shake of the insert, flush the liner down the toilet if you have used one. Put the nappy and insert in your dry nappy bucket. You can buy mesh lining bags for the buckets and then you can simply put the mesh bag straight in the washing machine.
  • On wash day, put the nappies through a cold rinse cycle first without detergent. This will help remove the urine and bacteria from the nappy.
  • Wash using 60°C (40°C can be sufficient too) on a long cycle with an extra rinse at the end. This will remove all the bacteria and urine from the nappies. Make sure to only use ¼ of the detergent you normally use. This prevents a build-up of detergent in the nappies (‘less is more’, less detergent = more absorbency).
  • Ideally dry your nappies by hanging them outside in the sunshine as the UV acts as a natural bleach and steriliser or inside when raining. They do dry quite quickly. They can be tumble dried on a low heat setting.

Strip Washing

Over time, the fibers in the fabrics of cloth nappies can get clogged up with detergent. This can mean that they don’t work as well as the fabrics are not working as well as they should. It also means bacteria can get trapped in the fibers and this is what causes the smell, usually the smell of ammonia. This bacteria is not good for babies’ bums and can cause nappy rash.

It is possible to get your reusable nappies to work and smell like new again. This is possible by doing a process called strip washing. Following the process below should rid the nappies of build up.

• Start with clean nappies (they don’t need to be dry).

• Instead of using a small dose of detergent as we usually recommend, for a strip wash, use a full/large dose of your usual detergent and on a long cycle (2.5hrs +) and ideally at 60°C. • Once that cycle is finished, it is all about rinsing. Keep putting the washing machine on a rinse cycle until you see no suds in your washing machine.

This may seem like a long process and there is no getting round it – it is a long process! But it is very much worth the effort. At the end of it, you will have fresh, happy nappies again.

There are other strip-washing methods that mums have told us about such as using washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets and using vinegar. We prefer to advise to use the above method because we know it is the safest method for the PUL and elastic in your nappies.

If you need any more help with strip-washing your cloth nappies, please get in touch with us.


A few no no’s

  • If your baby does have nappy rash (usually rears its ugly head when your baby is teething) don’t use a barrier cream with these nappies. It will leave a greasy residue which is difficult to remove. If you need to use any cream, make sure you use disposable nappy liners.
  • Do not use fabric softener as it can coat the fabrics making them water-repellent and can cause leaks. The fabrics do not require any softener.
  • Do not use bleach on the nappies.
  • Do not iron.
Delivery, Payments & Returns

Delivery & Returns

Bouncing Sprouts try to keep p+h costs down as much as possible for our customers; therefore we offer free shipping on all products.

We know that you love getting your order ASAP so if you order before 1pm on any given day, your order will be shipped on that day!

We are confident you will be happy with our products but we offer a 100% no-question return policy. You can exchange or have a refund. We just ask that you contact us as soon as possible and return the item back to us within 14 days. Please contact us if you would like to return your items or return them to the address below, details of which will be in your parcel:

Bouncing Sprouts 83 Emerald St Murarrie QLD 4172

Only exception is that we cannot accept used nappies back unless they are faulty! If you have any issues at all though, just contact us and we will try to help as best we can.


We accept payments via PayPal, direct deposit, cash upon pick-up and Layby.

Layby payments terms and payments are over 16 weeks and no order is too small. We understand that sometimes you may need a little longer than this, please contact us to discuss. A 10% deposit is required to secure you order. If your deposit is not received within 7 days of placement, the order will be assumed as cancelled. Regular payments are required, minimum 1 per month. Please contact us to set-up a layby purchase and keep in mind that if you buy in bulk, it will help you save money.

Nappy Demonstrations

The Real Nappy Experience – Look, Feel & Touch

At Bouncing Sprouts, we are passionate and dedicated about putting bums in cloth!  Because of this we are happy to bring you Baba+Boo nappy demonstrations!

We are happy to provide demonstrations anywhere in Brisbane. Grab some friends or get together with your mother’s group or play group and arrange a time – Dad’s are welcome too because we know they will be surprised at how easy it is and how much money they will save! Be prepared for an informative, fun and interactive nappy demonstration.

It is a great way to touch and feel the nappies and learn everything you need to know about using and caring for your MCNs first hand.

Demonstrations are especially helpful for those who are new to MCN’s and purchases are available at any demonstration.

Bouncing Sprouts nappy demonstrations are a no obligation free service. Our aim at nappy demonstrations is to educate people about all the great benefits of using MCNs.

We are committed to providing a personalised service and are available for questions via phone or email.

Contact us to book your free demonstration today.

What else might I need?

What else might I need?

  • Disposable nappy liners – any poo is caught by the liner and is bio-degradable so can be put down the toilet before the nappy is washed.
  • Nappy Bucket – store your soiled nappies in here until wash day.
  • Wet/Dry Bag – these are waterproof bags that are perfect for when you are out and about to keep your soiled nappies in.
Trouble Shooting Guide

Experiencing Leaks? Get to the bottom of the problem

1. If you are getting less time out of your nappy than previously and the inserts are dripping wet, it could be that your baby’s bladder is getting bigger. This means you either need to change the nappy more frequently or boost the nappy with additional types of inserts. Bamboo or charcoal are very absorbent and work brilliantly when placed underneath the quick-absorbing microfibre insert. That should do the trick, most of our customers rave about the charcoal inserts.

2. If your baby is really small and brand new, it could be that the nappy doesn’t quite fit yet. Your baby might need to fill out around the legs, so the nappy is a secure fit. Please feel free to email us a photo of your little one in the nappy, so we can check the fit.

3. Ensure that the inserts are lying really flat inside the nappy. It could be that the insert is bunching up between baby’s legs and this can mean the wee is just running straight through the nappy. The outer PUL is breathable, so while it is waterproof, if the wee is hitting it directly, it will start to wick slowly.

4. It could be that there is a detergent build up in the nappies. Detergent can get trapped in the fibres of the nappies and this can mean the nappies don’t work as well. This can be resolved by strip washing. To get them working well again, wash normally and then rinse, rinse, rinse until you see no suds in the washing machine. This is worthwhile doing once a month to keep them smelling fresh too!

5. The fitting might not be right. Try them on a looser or a tighter fitting. Too tight or loose can mean they don’t work as well. It is sometimes trial and error to get the fit perfect, especially because babies change and grow so quickly.

6. If your little one wears a vest, try putting them in a size up. If the vest is too tight around the nappy, it can cause them to wick.

7. Ensure you have pre-washed your nappies and inserts and this ensures the nappies are really absorbent.

8. Sometimes, the PUL around the poppers need re-sealing. A quick blast in the tumble dryer can reseal the PUL.

Nappy Know How

Are you still undecided about why you should use cloth nappies? Read on for some more information about why we think you should definitely use reusable nappies.

Better for your baby

If you had a choice to wear paper or silk knickers, we’d hazard a guess you’d go for silk. Why not choose that for your gorgeous baby too? Our nappies are not silk but they must feel like that to your baby compared to disposables. Mums who have toddlers who choose their own nappies and always choose cloth nappies. They even have their favourite nappy I wonder what your baby’s favourite will be…

Our reusable nappies are made from the softest fabric and are tested to ensure that they have no nasties in them. Unlike disposables. Your baby is much less likely to suffer from nappy rash when using cloth nappies.

Better for your baby’s future

8 million disposable nappies are thrown away each day in the UK alone. All of those nappies have to go to landfill Each disposable nappy takes 500 years to decompose. By using cloth nappies, you are not contributing to this huge amount of waste and sending your baby’s 4000 nappies to landfill. And remember it is not all or nothing. Just using one cloth nappy a day makes a huge difference.

Better for your bank balance

Imagine this. Your baby is born and you had to buy all their nappies at once. You have two choices:

Handover $2400 when your baby was born, for all the supply of  disposables you need before they potty train.


Buy 20 reusable nappies for approximately $390, for all the nappies you need before your baby learns to use the potty.

Which one would you choose if you had to buy up front? We know you don’t have to, but it does show you how you can save upwards of $2000 if you choose cloth nappies. It could mean a holiday for you and your little family or extra days out.

The best one – they look fab!

Dressing our babies in cute clothing is fun. We love it. Most mums and dads love picking out cool and funky outfits for their little ones. Using Baba+Boo nappies makes choosing nappies part of the outfit too. We have colours and prints to match all outfits and we even have fully co-ordinating baby accessories to match them, such as bibs, shoes and t-shirts.

Using a cloth nappy is as easy to use as a bib. Trust us. Go on, what are you waiting for, choose your favourite nappy now and get started today.

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