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Get the most out of your MCNs

  • Wash 3 times before use as this helps absorbency…..But if you can’t wait to use your nappies straight away than you can also soak the inserts (not the outer shells) in plain warm water overnight before giving them a quick wash.  They will gain absorbency over time.
  • Remove the nappy and shake of the insert, flush the liner down the toilet if you have used one. Put the nappy and insert in your dry nappy bucket. You can buy mesh lining bags for the buckets and then you can simply put the mesh bag straight in the washing machine.
  • On wash day, put the nappies through a cold rinse cycle first without detergent. This will help remove the urine and bacteria from the nappy.
  • Wash using 60°C (40°C can be sufficient too) on a long cycle with an extra rinse at the end. This will remove all the bacteria and urine from the nappies. Make sure to only use ¼ of the detergent you normally use. This prevents a build-up of detergent in the nappies (‘less is more’, less detergent = more absorbency).
  • Ideally dry your nappies by hanging them outside in the sunshine as the UV acts as a natural bleach and steriliser or inside when raining. They do dry quite quickly. They can be tumble dried on a low heat setting.